Having an issue with a window can cause your home to lose a lot of energy efficiency. With some short-term fixes, you can do your best to save your home’s heating and cooling system until a long-term solution can be scheduled. At Compass Window and Door, we have come up with a handful of short-term fixes for a variety of window issues to help our customers get through until we can be there to help.

Small Crack Solutions

When you have a small crack in your window it can be temporarily fixed by a little bit of glass adhesive. This type of glue is often used to fix windshields and can be a great quick fix until your window can get replaced. All you have to do is fill the small crack with the glass adhesive and let it dry which should stop the crack from spreading further across your window.

Big Crack Solutions

Although putting tape across your window will not look fantastic, it can help keep a big crack in your window pane from spreading. Place the tape directly on the cracked glass but be careful not to push too hard. This may cause further damage. This solution should help keep the cold air from getting inside your home.

Boarding Up a Window

If you have lost an entire window to debris coming into your home or another accident, boarding up the window will help keep your family safe while waiting for a long-term fix. Make sure to get a plywood board that will cover the entire space you need to cover. Secure the board to your home with tape or nails depending on where you are trying to install it. This will not look awesome but it will keep your family safe from other elements.

Get Started on Your New Window Replacement

Do not put off getting the windows on your home fixed. Having your home exposed to the outside elements can cause other damage that requires costly fixes. Set a plan in place to find the perfect window replacement company for your home’s needs.

Compass Window and Door would love to help you get a long-term fix to your window cracking issues. Call us today to get a free in-home window consultation. Our window company serving Chicago will make sure your new window is the perfect fit for your home. We can also help you replace other windows that may be starting to show signs of issues before they fully crack.