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Chicago Heat Mirror Window Replacement

When you’re constructing or remodeling your home, one of the greatest challenges you face is how to keep the heat inside the home in winter and keep it outside in summer. Although it seems somewhat difficult to achieve this double-standard requirement, it can be achieved by installing heat mirror windows in your home. 

What are heat mirror windows?

Heat mirror windows are created by securing several heat mirror films in the middle of insulating glass using state-of-the-art glazing techniques. After glazing, the films will then be coated with the smallest particles of metal, which creates the heat mirror effect. And the heat that touches the window glass is reflected back to the home’s exterior rather than penetrating its interior. 

Many homeowners hardly ever understand the full benefits of having a heat mirror window, including its advanced insulating features, which go beyond energy efficiency. This article will help you to understand some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you have a heat mirror window installation in your home.

Benefits of Heat Mirror Energy-Efficient Windows

If you’re thinking of installing heat mirror windows in your home, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Energy Efficiency: One of the most popular benefits of owning heat mirror energy-efficient Windows is that they help reduce the heat loss in your home by providing unmatched thermal performance. Even when the sun is at its peak, the heat mirror will still help you block out twice, if not thrice as much heat as an ordinary window can block out. Installing energy-efficient windows helps you reduce your energy bill costs while enhancing your home’s thermal performance and maximizing your HVAC system’s efficiency.

  • UV Protection: Many homeowners without heat mirror windows have to worry about the possibility of their furniture near their window fading prematurely because of the UV rays of the sun. But homeowners with heat mirror windows don’t have to worry about this as installed heat mirror windows can block over 99.5% of harmful ultra-violet rays.

  • Condensation Control: Heat mirror windows minimize condensation, which is a sign that heat is escaping through your windows. With its advanced insulation system which is up to four times the insulation of a dual-paned window, heat mirror windows provide advantageous results for buildings with high-humidity demands such as pools and computer rooms.

  • Noise Reduction: Although the heat mirror windows are not sound-proof windows, heat mirror technology can help you block out most sounds. In fact, they can block out more than 5 decibels of exterior noise than a double-paned window.

Enjoy Impressive Aesthetics and Quality Workmanship with Kensington Windows

At Compass Window and Door, we believe that homeowners should install high-performance windows with impressive style and excellent workmanship. And very few companies can produce such exceptional heat mirror windows like Kensington. Kensington has the best KHPP windows with double glass strength, advanced insulation and improved thermal performance. Our expert Kensington window installers will help you install the most stylish and energy-efficient replacement vinyl windows. Don’t miss out. Call us today to replace your old windows with our Kensington windows.

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Rob just put in all new windows and patio slider for me. We like our house cool so keep it at about 68 all the time. Just in one day I can feel the difference. I can put the thermostat at 71 now and feel how the old 68 felt! They are gorgeous and I can flip them down and clean them. I’m so very happy with Compass Windows and Doors! Don’t mess with the big name companies that rip you off. Get an estimate from Compass Windows and Doors and pay much less for a better product!

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