So, you've been considering upgrading the windows of your home, but you aren't quite sure where to start. This is reasonable considering all of the options that are available on the market. One of the biggest questions revolves around whether you should choose standard replacement windows or custom-fit windows.

In this blog, we'll go over a few key differences between these two options. However, before we jump into the details, we thought that you might want to know a little more about us. Since 2018, Compass Window and Door has been the most trusted window replacement company in Chicago, offering a wide range of solutions. Always putting our customers' needs first, we've even earned a variety of awards and accolades, including an A+ rating from the BBB and more.

What Are Standard Replacement Windows?

Mass-produced and pre-built, standard replacement windows are a quick fix for your window replacement needs. While these windows are built for the most common rough opening sizes in homes, they won't work for every window size. Over time, as your home shifts, your window size needs will change, and trying to fix it on your own might require tons of labor and be more expensive than it's worth.

What Are Custom-Built Windows?

Custom-built windows are designed specially to match the dimension of your window openings. The initial cost of the windows will be more expensive because they're custom-built, but the installation process will look exactly like the installation for standard replacement windows. And, while they may cost more upfront, with an air-tight seal, they'll actually save you money in the long run by making your home more energy efficient.

What Are the Differences?

Both options have pros and cons; let's look at some key differences:

  • Size and Shape: Standard windows will only come in a few select sizes and shapes, while custom-built windows can but designed to meet specific requirements.
  • Style: Standard windows only come in a few pre-set styles. With custom-built windows, you'll be able to find a window style that speaks to your aesthetic.
  • Energy-Efficient: Being custom fit to perfectly slide into your window openings, custom-built windows will allow you to have better energy efficiency in your home.

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