Replacing your windows is crucial not only for the overall appearance of your home, but also the energy efficiency that comes with them. Old windows will show noticeable signs of wear and you may start noticing your energy costs rising, which is a good sign that it may be time to get some window replacements. When is the best time to replace windows though? Fortunately, the proven window specialists here at Compass Window & Door will dive into when is the best time to replace your windows. 

When Should I Schedule A Window Replacement?

Determining what time of the year may not seem important at first, until you consider the seasons when you decide to schedule a window replacement. Replacing windows requires the removal of your windows temporarily before installing your new windows. This means, you will likely be exposed to the elements in the meantime, and depending on the season, it can be unnoticeable or uncomfortable. So, make sure that you schedule a window installation during a season that is more convenient and comfortable for you.

Spring & Summer Window Replacements

Many people schedule their window replacement service for the spring and early summer seasons, and for good reason. The warm temperatures make it more tolerable when it comes time for your home to be exposed to the outdoor elements compared to the cooler and colder temperatures of the fall and winter seasons. If it starts feeling a bit too warm in the house, then you can close the doors to the rooms that are having windows replaced. Of course, with the pros also come cons such as:

  • Limited Window Installation Availability
  • Storm Delays
  • Less Deals

So, if you decide to have a window replacement scheduled for the spring and summer months, make sure you schedule ahead of time to ensure a spot to have your new windows installed. 

Fall & Winter Window Replacements

In contrast to the spring and summer months, not as many people schedule their window replacement services during the fall and winter months. This can be advantageous however, as many window installation companies offer deals for people to schedule their window replacements during the cooler months of the year since they tend to get booked up for the spring and summer. An experienced window replacement company will also provide you with all sorts of window coverage options during the installation if the cooler weather proves to be too much to deal with.

Just like the spring and summer months though, there are also cons for getting a window replacement in the fall and winter, such as:

  • Ice & Snow Delays
  • Cold Weather May Not Be Comfortable
  • Snowstorms

Get Started On Your Window Replacement

No matter what season you end up choosing for when to replace your windows, you can be sure that you’ll still be getting new windows. Although some seasons might take longer than others to install your windows, make sure you choose the season that is more convenient and comfortable for you.