Owning and maintaining a home is undoubtedly a rewarding experience—despite the fact that it comes with its fair share of responsibilities for the homeowner. One of those is regular maintenance and upkeep of the home’s windows. While windows can last a long time they will eventually need replacing at some point. This can be due to deterioration and old age, cheap materials, diminished aesthetic appeal, or other causes.

While a Chicago window install may be necessary, most homeowners choose to put the project off due to being unfamiliar with the process. One of the first questions our Chicago customers at Compass Window and Door have when considering a window replacement project is how long the window installation will take.

This concern is perfectly valid considering there is a brief window of time when the home is exposed to the elements while the installation occurs. Fortunately, there is indeed a process you can count on that will have you installing new windows in a timely manner.

How Long Does Installation Take?

This is perhaps the most asked question and is one that has a short and long answer. As a rule, the entire process from placing the order to the end of the installation can take about six to eight weeks.

When it comes to the installation itself, most projects will take a minimum of one day to a maximum of three days to complete. However, there are some factors to be aware of that can impact how long your window installation will take to complete.

Factors to pay attention to include:

  • Manufacturer delivery time
  • Standard or custom size windows
  • Installer reliability
  • Installer experience level
  • Number of windows installed
  • Window material
  • Surrounding area material
  • Obstructions in front of the windows (exterior)
  • Obstructions in front of the windows (interior)
  • Damage level surrounding the existing window
  • How many levels to the home: one-story, two-story, or more
  • Neighborhood rules, guidelines or zoning concerns

Before the Installation

Managing how long your window installation will take begins before the installation actually begins. A properly qualified window installer will have a field supervisor assigned to your project to take exact measurements of your windows as well as compile a materials list to complete the window install.

Once this is completed, a material order is made and upon your approval is submitted. After the order is received, the materials are acquired and the windows are ordered, manufactured, or a combination thereof depending on what you ordered.

Be on the lookout for what is known as a pre-construction letter during this time. This letter will contain vital information such as installation process details, an overview of what to expect on installation day, and things you can do to prepare for the big day. After the order arrives, a team member will contact you to set up the installation date. This whole process should take between 6-8 weeks.

During and After Installation

If you have addressed the factors we mentioned earlier and adhered to any instructions within the pre-construction letter, you should be ready for the big day. During this period, you can expect the crew to remove the old windows and debris one at a time while replacing each window as they go. After this is completed, the crew should be spending time cleaning up the area while the lead supervisor does a final walkthrough. This walkthrough is meant to be a final check on the installation of each window. 

Once everything is completed, you should be given a certificate of completion to sign. Make sure to note any concerns you have, if there are any at this time. This ensures there are no unnecessary delays to your resolution. Plus, this alerts the company to reach out to you quickly. Depending on the number of windows installed and the size of your home, you should expect this part of the project to take 1-3 days.

It’s certainly possible for you to do the window install on your own, but it’s not recommended. The slightest mistake during installation can affect how well the window protects against the elements or even in how it shuts. In addition, doing the installation your self may result in the warranty being voided. That’s why it is always a good idea to work with a professional window installation company.

Window Installation with Compass Window and Door

At Compass Window and Door, we believe that your windows should offer maximum efficiency, curb appeal, and durability. That’s why our team in Chicago only offers the best products for our customers backed by unmatched expertise in installation practices. We have over 35 years of experience, and look forward to being the ones to help you improve your home inside and out.

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