According to the US Department of Energy, experts estimate that heat gain and loss through windows account for 25% to 30% of heating and cooling energy use in homes. While bathroom and kitchen remodeling are the most common types of home improvement projects, window replacement is actually a practical investment that can provide long-term benefits.

Your windows are a vital aspect of your home, as their performance can significantly affect the level of comfort in your home and your energy expenses. Although the summer season is the peak season for home improvement projects, reliable home remodeling companies such as Compass Window and Door can provide you with excellent home renovations and upgrades all throughout the year. 

In this article, we will focus on discussing the benefits of new windows for each season.

Hassle-Free and Effective Window Replacement In The Summer

The summer season is the busiest time for window installers. One of the main reasons homeowners prefer to have their windows replaced during this season is that they won’t have to worry about freezing winds entering their home during the process. 

Additionally, the window replacement will be more effective as the warm weather can help caulking applications to adhere faster, ensuring a tight seal. By having a window replacement in the summer, you can also run your air conditioning system without needing to worry that your energy bills will spike due to failing windows.

Prevent Molds and Prepare for The Winter Through Window Replacement in the Fall

Window replacement companies are also in demand in the fall season, as many homeowners prepare for the cold winter months ahead. The main benefit of having your windows replaced during this time of year is that the process can be finished before the air gets even colder—which means you’ll avoid high heating costs and uncomfortable, icy indoor climates when winter does arrive. 

Also, as the weather starts to get colder, your worn-out windows may allow more moisture into your house and may cause the growth of mold or mildew. A fall window replacement can effectively prevent mold from growing and contaminating the air inside your home, leading to a toxic breathing environment throughout the months ahead.

Window Replacement for a Warmer Winter

During the winter season, it’s easier to notice window performance issues than it is during warmer seasons. Not only are drafts more obvious, but extremely low temperatures during this time of year can cause older window materials to become brittle and break. Many homeowners also notice higher energy bills, as their HVAC systems need to work harder to keep temperatures from dropping too low.

The most obvious benefit of new windows during the winter is the enhanced level of comfort in the home and the reduced energy loss, which leads to lower heating bills. Also, because it is usually the slowest season for window companies, it’s usually much easier to book window replacement services—and you may be able to take advantage of special low season discounts and promotions.

Popular Spring Season Window Replacement

As temperatures begin to rise during the spring, window companies start to get busier. However, the main benefit of getting a window replacement during this time of year is that the longer hours of sunlight and milder temperatures can make your replacement project easier to plan. 

Also, spring window installation can help you get ready for the upcoming summer season when you want your cooling costs to be as low as possible.

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